The manufacturing process

Spring coiling

Cutting-edge winding machines produce coil springs with maximum strength. Supplex offers hot and cold coiled springs.

Surface compression

SUPLEX springs are shot peened in order to compress the surface and so extend the lifetime of the springs.

This process is essential for the durability of lightweight springs and heavily stressed springs.

Surface coating

All SUPLEX springs are equipped with a zinc phosphate coating, mainly to preserve the epoxy powder coating.

The zinc-phosphate coating also prevents the spring from corroding.

Labelling and packaging

Each spring receives a glued label attached to the spring, containing company logo, article number, batch code (for tracking and tracing) and an arrow indicating the installation direction.

This arrow is useful for the mechanic. Latest springs partially have similar ending coils, but there is only one correct installation direction.

Research and development

When a new spring should be introduced, all OE- samples will be maesured with a spring tester. In a detailles examination, all relevant information will be documented in a technical datasheet. In the next step, a prototype will be produced according to these parameters.

Before the batch production is launched, this prototype has to pass several test procedures, such as:

metallographic examination, mechanical materials testing and durability tests.

Also, the produced coil springs will be checked on the correct longitudinal forces and transverse forces with state-of-the-art spring testers.

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