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7 different carton dimensions for your coil springs help you realise cost savings in transport and warehousing.


Each spring is equipped with a label, that contains article number, batch number and SUPLEX-Logo.
The batch number provides traceability of the springs back to the raw material.
As additional information, your mechanic sees an arrow on the label, that instructs him in which direction the spring has to be mounted in the car. This information eases the mounting for the mechanic and reduces your number of returns.

First- to- market

Range extensions take place more than 20 times a year. We make sure today, that you have the best range tomorrow.


Our product management attaches great importance to a thorough research of the correct spring- vehicle- link.
The best spring on stock is worthless without the correct allocation in the renowned catalogue platforms.
All of this information is of course available in all established electronic catalogues.

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