The function of a suspension spring

Suspension springs are a load- bearing component.
The main features are:

  • the absorption of the forces applied to the vehicle (weight, acceleration- and curve forces)
  • the isolation of the vehicle from forces, that are effected from the road (road holes, irregularities)
  • ensuring the wheel- ground contact

Therefore, shock absorbers should be called „vibration absorbers“, because road impacts are compensated by the spring.

The shock absorber reduces the vibration by the internal damping of the rebound and compression and thus neutralizes the vibration of the spring.

Sound springs extend the work life of all other chassis components (shock absorbers, tyres, suspension parts).
Broken springs lead to a higher wear of these components and even cause a longer braking distance.

Our current range includes more than 4.200 coil springs.

To this count conventional coil springs in all existing forms, as well as Miniblock springs – of course, as the original, produced with tapered wire.

Features of SUPLEX springs

Marking of the installation direction

No avoidable claims through faulty installation in the garage


Our product management knows today, what is needed tomorrow -> a continuous range extension keeps you up-to-date

Optimised box sizes

Lower Forwarding and Warehousing costs

And many more.. „More than springs“

Please see below, an overview of the different spring shapes:

Miniblock springs

(tapered wire)

Miniblock springs are exclusively mounted on the rear axle. These springs have the shape of a rugby ball and are designed space saving. This compact construction style makes a good space utilisation possible for the conception of the trunk. Miniblock springs basically show a progressive spring rate.
The progression is obtained by tapered wire and a variable coil diameter. As single coils of the spring lie in each other, the number of active coils reduces, so the spring rate increases progressively.
The result: a more comfortable suspension in an unloaded condition, a firm setting with higher payload.

Cylindrical springs

(constant and tapered wire)

Cylindrical springs can be produced in constant and tapered wire.
The spring rate is determined by coil distance and wire diameter. When required, progressive spring rates are realised by tapered wire and/or varying coil distance.

Side- Load- Springs

(banana- shaped – constant wire)

This spring type is mostly fitted to the front axle, when MacPherson- struts are installed (ca. 80 % of these vehicles). They can compensate longitudinal forces as well as transverse forces. In an unloaded condition, this construction type shows a curved shape. The lateral force, that impacts on the piston rod, has a relieving effect on the piston rod of the shock absorber and obtains a vital response even at the lowest impact on the shock absorber. In addition, the created lateral force has a positive effect on the life cycle of the shock absorber.

Conical springs

(constant and tapered wire)

Conical springs are easily recognised by their shape. The coil diameter increases from one end to the other. By variation of the coil distance, a progressive spring rate can be realised at this spring type, too.

Besides our range of coil springs, we are also proud to offer you a range of spheres.

SUPLEX spheres for Citroen passenger cars

All SUPLEX spheres are new parts.

Each sphere passes through a pressure test of 150 bar before shipping.
Our spheres are TÜV- certified and follow the highest quality standards.

The hydro- pneumatic suspension system of the Citroen types DS, GS, BX, Xantia, XM and C5 has passed through permanent development and re- adjustments. Though it consists of a variety of components, the typical wear-and-tear-parts are spheres.

Our user- friendly and sophisticatedly elaborated catalogue ensures a fast and accurate article identification. In addition to the standard spheres, you can choose comfort alternatives. These comfort spheres offer a more comfortable driving experience and are favoured by the car owners.

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